How to Create an Effective College Research Paper Outline?

You may be sometimes assigned to a complex writing task with a broad theme to be fully covered in the piece. After detailed data research, you may get lost in the amount of information to be processed and reflected in your writing. In order to effectively use all the found data, it is highly recommended to prepare a college research paper outline first and only then switch to the writing process.

So what is the function of this element? What data should it contain? And how to create an all-covering plan for your scientific work? We will try to answer the questions you may have further in the post.

Why do you need a paper outline?

If you have been working on a college research paper, then you know how complex and time-consuming the task is. And researching a theme is one thing; another is to compile all the facts and develop a writing strategy that effectively reflects your main point. This is where an essay outline will greatly help you. So what’s the purpose of it, and how you can make the writing process easier:

  • An outline allows for collecting the facts and main points in one place. Thus, you do not risk forgetting something important for your college research paper and will never mess up the information.
  • It enables you to develop the most effective content strategy. Even if you have tens of facts and arguments to be covered in a single piece, you can still arrange them in the most logical sequence, without duplicating or forgetting anything. All you need to do is to group the facts and play around with them.
  • A college research paper outline makes the writing process easier and faster. You do not need to spend a lot of time remembering information or revisiting facts. Instead, you just need to elaborate on the main points from the already made list, whose order has already been defined.

Since an outline is the backbone of your college research paper, we recommend you to always have it. Of course, you will spend some time on its creation, but it is worth an effort. A well-thought-out plan will help you write a great research paper spending the minimum of your time on the writing process.

What is an outline format?

There are no universal rules for how an essay plan should look like; it is a student who decides what format works best. If you have never created an essay plan and have no idea what suits you best, then we recommend you to try the one containing the main points and key facts formulated in one sentence length. 

Thus, if you have a statement that is longer than one sentence, shorten it so that it doesn’t lose sense and sounds informative at the same time. The main idea that lays behind the statements and sentences you write for an essay plan is that all of them support the main idea of your writing - a thesis statement.

It is easier to work with a paper plan created in the form of a bulleted/ numbered list, with each new idea has been assigned to a new entry in the list. Thus, you will not lose track of statements and can mix them in whatever order and do not get confused.

Tips for 100% effective outline writing

The task of outline writing requires in-depth preparation from a student, and if you have no clue what to do and when, you can simply get stuck and lose a lot of time figuring out the logical sequence of actions. To prevent the situation from happening, we are ready to share our experience with you. Adhere to the below tips, and you will never fail with college research paper outline writing:

  • Make notes when researching a topic of your research paper;
  • Write down your notes, instead of highlighting them with a pen or highlighter elsewhere;
  • When you have the notes and facts ready, read them attentively and formulate a thesis statement;
  • Rewrite all your notes - each note should be on a different sheet of paper;
  • Group all the notes based on the main idea that unites them;
  • Decide on the order of the notes you grouped;
  • Assign a unique counting number to every group of arguments.

Another good thing would be to have a thesis statement written at the top of your outline. Thus, you will never forget its exact formulation and clearly understand what argument structure supports it better.

Need someone to help?

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